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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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3.3 Enterprise Access Version

WbCopy when used with -createTable did no re-create NOT NULL constraints on the columns. When displaying the source for a Stored Procedure, View or Table in the DbExplorer the source can now be opened in an editor tab. For Excel exports, the start location where the data should be written to in the excel file can now be specified using the -offset parameter The application to be used for displaying the logfile can now be configured. You can filter the file types so that only certain documents would be analyzed.

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When “Retrieve Explorer” was disabled, nothing was retrieved at all when the Explorer was opened in a separate window Checking for the MS SQL “GO” delimiter did not work properly Importing CLOB columns in Oracle did not work When using a different table name for the generated script with WbExport (with -type=sqlinsert) together with the -createtable option the alternate name was not used for the PK, FK and Index definition. “Replace all” did not work any longer in the editor The tree display of foreign key references did not work any more -decimal did not work for text imports Replace & Next was not using regular expressions correctly for the replacement string If an invalid regular expression is entered in the search dialog of the editor, an error message is now displayed. So Sister 2 took 10 mL of the diluted soup, put it in a third pot, and filled that pot to the brim with water. Cloudscape already starts a transaction during a SELECT statement, and requires all transactions to be ended before disconnecting. If you don t get a good count the first time, try it again. The page setup dialog (from within the print preview) caused the application to hang when run under Linux Enhancements The EXPORT command now supports the -append parameter to append text of SQL output to an already existing file When printing, the page now contains a header identifying the source of the data (e.G.

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The or62demos database is contains the Videos and Airline database tables. If enabled, any column defaults from the source table are ignored. Display from User Class The Select a User Class dialog appears Select d201504_frequentflyer from the Application list Select user_profile from the User Class list Note that there are rich Advanced and Customize options to tune the choice of fields to display, their properties, and the overall layout, and which capabilities to include (interframe navigation, for example) Click OK and wait for the display to be generated The generated frame shows the userclass attributes as fields, grouped into panels by their category (identity fields, location fields, contact fields, etc), with object panels on the right hand side (Airport). The old style is still supported but will be removed in the future. Commercial Windows KFileReplace is a KDE utility that replace some strings with others in a lot of files in an only operation.