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Developer: Covert Prague
Specifications: Version new functions:
  • "Secure messenger" allows users to exchange encrypted messages without logins and passwords.
  • "Monitor DLL" allows users to find and remove spyware libraries.
Requirements: None
Limitation: Limited operating time of monitors and messenger
Operation system: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10
Price: $42
License: Free to try
Version: v3.0.0.21
Downloads: 4525
Rating: 4.9 / Views: 2685
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Features Screenshots System requirements Download Link (29.0 MB) . I saw in one comment that they said to close the program and then restart it, so I did. The program masks the user’s actions, creating a secure platform, which allows you to run applications for work, but makes the process invisible to software – Spyware or surveillance using a remote connection It prevents the following actions: intercepting keystrokes, creating screenshots of your actions, any covert videotaping of your screen using a special program, prevents the recording of data displayed on the screen (including timeout), hides the contents of the clipboard.

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Your address is serial number of COVERT Pro. €“ All outgoing messages are encrypted. €“ The new encryption key can be set for each message and for each recipient. €“ Immediately after reading, your message will be deleted from the server. €“ You have ability to change the server for messaging. I would like to thank CovertPro for the give-away, and more importantly their assistance in these comments, without which I may not have downloaded the program. This will help you know what program is running at what time and kill suspicious processes you didn’t start, or your system does not need to run. The user can add or delete drivers from the database allowed and database prohibited.If you want to remove a driver belonging to spyware or simply a suspicious one, right-click on it and choose in the context menu remove the river. Also thanks to the developer for sticking around and answering questions and helping in general.

You could’ve read it at the top of the page 😉 System Requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8; Minimum screen resolution: 800×600; Pentium processor or higher; 128 MB RAM; 90 MB of free disk space Why is Covert ALL BIG LETTERS, do they stand for something? You can connect this USB flash drive to unlimited number of PCs. Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8; Minimum screen resolution: 800×600; Pentium processor or higher; 128 MB RAM; 90 MB of free disk space 26.4 MB $49.00 COVERT Pro USB has the same functionality as the COVERT Pro, but installs on a flash drive and can protect user’s work on any Windows PC. At this point, a dedicated window will appear, allowing you to access your utility and work with it, without fear of your activity being tracked.

Antispyware COVERT Pro

Right after I installed the program, I clicked on Registration, and in the “Enter the key” box, I pasted the registration key from the Readme file. It will become a nightmare for you if you don’t with a secure and trustable anti spyware.

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Wrapping the installer for free offer was made by GOTD administrators. Are opinions, not facts, know the difference….And stop embarrassing yourselves…..Please? COVERT Pro has user interface in five languages: English, German, Italian, Czech and Russian.

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Program has the opportunity to work with virtual keyboard and is effective on Windows tablets. It does not matter who it is – a relative, your friend, colleague, or a stranger.